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With a growing hype of impending ICOs, it's getting more tricky to choose the right project to invest and not get fleeced. Luckily, there are ICO rating websites that aim to bring clarity to the masses. They are different. All with their own merits and mechanism to provide investors with accurate analytics and insights. However, some people still doubt the transparency of the ratings. We decided to delve into this problem and talk to the CEO's of the most popular ICO websites to understand how their systems actually work.

CryptoRated, a team made up of fintech specialists and professional mathematicians, has been in the business for less than a year. But the platform has quickly gained a trustworthy reputation among investors. Having its own standardized scorecard, which users can also use themselves, the platform provides reliable and thoroughly researched reviews backed by their broad experience of evaluating and analyzing ICOs.

Meet Roee Oren, a CEO of CryptoRated, who shared with us the insights of the ecosystem and his view on the future of cryptocurrency.
— Roee, could you tell me more about your platform. What people are behind the organization?
— CryptoRated is a community-governed ICO reviews and rating platform that offers a transparent, unbiased source of information to investors. CryptoRated is a subsidiary of Zirra, a technology company founded in 2014 that uses AI to analyze private companies with a client-base, featuring Microsoft, Verizon Ventures, and the London Stock Exchange.
— Who are your community reviewers?
— All ratings are made by real experts with experience in the field. While we have crypto analysts on our team that act as moderators, our reviews are community-driven. Our live rating scorecard, which defines an ICO by 50 rateable categories such as Token Utility, Company Stage, Token Allocation, and Use of Blockchain, is updated by crypto experts from the ecosystem. We aggregate and moderate the results that reflect the community's point-of-view regarding a given project.
— You also make Priority Coverage. Could you tell me more about it?
— Priority Coverage lets us know which ICOs our community would like to see reviewed. We have published a rating pipeline that is open to the public where users can upvote their selections. CryptoRated then prioritizes these companies to be rated by our community of experts.
— Talking about cryptocurrency, what's your vision on this new crypto world and the current problems it has? How do you see the future perspectives of cryptocurrency?
— Adoption is the big hurdle cryptocurrencies are facing right now. While the market is currently bullish and ICOs are raising billions of dollars to build their products, there is no real use for most of the sold tokens. The current returns are attracting speculators who are looking to make a profit, but the real value should not come from the token price, but the use of the token in the designated system. Once we'll start seeing more projects that not only provide future solutions but actual products users can use, I believe some of the underlying technology has the potential to change the way we interact and transact.
— What do you think is the primary role of the rating websites on the crypto market?
— The quick rise of companies adopting blockchain technology and lack of regulation has caused inflation in crowdsales. This, in turn, caused a discrepancy in information available to investors. Rating platforms such as CryptoRated are needed to provide reliable analysis and contribute to the self-regulating approach which is currently being conducted in private groups or discussion boards.
— What do you think differs CryptoRated from the competitors?
— Being an unregulated ecosystem, finding an unbiased analysis outlet is quite rare. CryptoRated's expertise, objective view, and credibility are supported by our transparent rating system — the scorecard is not open for heavyweight judgment calls, which means we, as CryptoRated, cannot alter any of the ratings.
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