Successful ICOs of 2017. Who Grabbed the Most?


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Within the past year cryptocurrency market growth has been vigorous showing startups with over $5.6 billion raised on ICOs. So who struck it lucky in 2017?
EOS: >$1,7 billion
Project: EOS is a platform with an open source code created for scalable decentralized applications deployment. The key feature of EOS is transactions speed declared at the rate of up to several million transactions per second. EOS offers the fastest blockchain decision thus far. Currently, EOS Testnet is alive and allows to build and test applications in public environment.

ICO details: EOS has a unique model of an ICO which lasts for about a year. During the whole period of the sale the token price is not fixed and is set by market demand – the higher the demand is, the higher is the price in the current block. There are two stages of the ICO. The first phase started on June 26 and lasted for five days. During the first stage, they managed to raise $172 million. The second round runs from July 1 to June 1, 2018. This stage consists of 350 blocks with each lasting for 23 hours. The current price can be tracked on

Summary: this project has already set a record on a raised sum. And the amount is likely to escalate in the following four months of token distribution. During the sale, EOS token is a speculative active. But it is unclear what will happen with these tokens after the end of the ICO as EOS tokens do not give any privileges to the holders and inapplicable on the EOS Platform.


Date of ICO: June 26, 2017 - June 1, 2018.
Tezos: $232 million
Project: Tezos was an auspicious project but turned out to be a SCAM. It was supposed to be a platform for smart contracts and decentralized blockchain that governs itself. Tezos was deemed to be an alternative to Ethereum. But after the ICO Tezos faced problems which led to a conflict between co-founders and later on to legal action.

ICO details: the project caused a lot of interest among the crypto community and set a record of $232 million within 13 days of the ICO.

Summary: Tezos can fairly be considered as one of the most successful and at the same time the most disappointing ICOs of 2017.


Date of ICO: July 1, 2017 - July 13, 2017.
Filecoin: $205 million
Project: Filecoin is a decentralized market for storage. The idea of the project is to create a p2p network and special software which allows users buy or sell space for data storage on hard drives of their PCs. Community members can interact with each other avoiding counterparty. Filecoin, thus, provides for reliable data storage at competitive prices. Still, now it is just an idea. There is no real product yet.

ICO details: their ICO was utterly different from other ICOs as it was the first regulated token sale, and it was available for accredited investors from the USA only. Though the initial fundraising goal was $40 million, in total, they raised about $205 million from over 2100 investors.

Summary: in spite of raising a huge sum, Filecoin is still on the stage of development. Since there is no a roadmap for 2018, it is unclear when the network will eventually be launched. FIL is an application token. The total issue is limited, and the price also might climb if the platform becomes famous. At the moment, FIL isn't that much popular on exchanges.


Date of ICO: August 10, 2017 - September 8, 2017.
Paragon: $183 million
Project: Paragon is an online platform for the cannabis industry. The idea of the project is legitimation and providing transparency and regulatory solutions to the cannabis market. Paragon is going to connect the enterprises with the power of the blockchain-based smart contracts.

ICO details: the project raised $183 million.

Summary: it was rather unexpected to see the ICO of a project specializing in cannabis market in the list of the most successful ICOs. Currently, the size of their community is quite big. In Q2 of 2018 they are going to release a mobile app, a wallet, and an open flagman space in LA.


Date of ICO: September 15 - October 15, 2017
Bancor: $153 million
Project: Bancor is a platform for decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with high liquidity and no fees. Bancor protocol ensures easy and instant exchange between different ERC20 tokens on the basis of smart contracts. The uniqueness of Bancor is creation of "smart tokens" which have reserves of other tokens. "Smart tokens", therefore, can create their own value to the holders. Any user can create "smart tokens" on the Bancor platform.

ICO details: hard cap of $153 million was reached within several hours during the ICO.

Summary: Bancor network was successfully launched after the ICO. It currently supports exchange of 35 different coins. BNT tokens are utility tokens of the network; their issue is not limited. This project aims to take a step towards increasing cryptocurrency liquidity.


Date of ICO: June 6, 2017.

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