Scam or Not: Arcadia – are They Serious?


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What is Arcadia: a historical real estate development project.
Project: the idea of the project is fundraising for buying, restoring, and selling historical properties. They choose buildings located in historic districts of the cities and offer special architectural solutions that can't be found in modern construction.

The purchased tokens gain value when the projects are implemented in reality. The proposed investment scheme is the following: searching for a proper building — cost-effectiveness evaluation — purchase — restoration — sell or rent. The proposed profit distribution:
55% — token holders;
35% — capital for future investments;
10% — reserved capital.

Arcadia token holders will have access to a special Data Room with the detailed financial data and opportunity to submit comments, ideas, and votes.

Country: Poland.


Analog: Atlant, Realisto

How they differ from the competitors: concentration on historical buildings restoration.
Date of ICO: pre-ICO: March 20 – April 9, 2018, ICO: May 1 — May 25, 2018.

Token price: 1 AR2 = 0,01 ETH.

Terms of sale: accepted currency: ETH. Minimum purchase: 0,01 ETH.

What their token gives you: an internal currency.

What will happen to tokens: they will issue 400 thousand tokens without additional emission. After pre-ICO AR2 tokens will be listed on EtherDelta starting from April 2018.

Token allocation:
70% — ICO;
20% — pre-ICO;
10% — team.

How much they want to raise on ICO: pre-ICO: soft cap — $25 thousand, hard cap — $100 thousand. ICO: soft cap — $500 thousand, hard cap — $3 million.

Where the money from pre-ICO will go:
75% — ICO promotion;
15% — team;
10% — company establishment.

Where the money from ICO will go:
85% — real estate acquisition;
15% — operational fund.

Operational fund allocation:
35% — labour costs;
30% — sales and marketing;
10% — unforeseen expenses;
10% — administrative costs;
10% — legal;
5% — auditing.

FYI: we are quoting the original description from their whitepaper with bad copywriting and lack of information.

Artur Dudziak: the Arcadia project initiator. Very experienced civil engineer and manager. For more than 15 years, worked as a manager leading companies, also in the construction market sector. The specialist in building companies from scratch.

Other team members will be hired after pre-ICO for the following positions: a real estate specialist, a marketing specialist, a legal advisor.

no advisors.

Free tokens:
25% discount during pre-ICO;
20-49 tokens purchase — 5 extra tokens;
over 50 tokens –—10 extra tokens.
October 2017

Idea creation
December 2017 - March 2018

Preparation for pre-ICO
March - April 2018

Pre-ICO, official establishment of Arcadia company, tokens listing on Etherdelta
May 2018

After ICO

Purchase of 1 to 6 buildings depending on the funds raised with expected profit from $120 thousand to $720 thousand

telegram: 7
Why scam
Concept: ★★★☆☆
The real estate market is sustainable and is one of the most attractive areas for investments. Though there has been quite a lot of ICOs in this field lately. The idea of Arcadia project is still interesting as, unlike other projects, it is going to concentrate on historical real estate objects. The problem here is that any good idea is just the beginning, the bigger deal is its implementation. And from this point of view, Arcadia doesn't seem strong enough. Moreover, this project has no competitive advantage over traditional real estate companies, especially the big ones.

Token: ★★☆☆☆
The main purpose of implementing Blockchain and tokens in this project is to raise funds at the beginning and allow anyone to become an investor in real estate sector without restrictions on the minimum amount or other special requirements. The mechanism of further functioning for AR2 is vague.

Crew: ★☆☆☆☆
The project is led by only one person. That seems to be a real person with relevant experience and real intention to build this business, though it hardly can be possible to do without partners.

Communication: ★☆☆☆☆
Only seven people in Telegram. That's it.

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