Monaco vs. Beluga Pay


Overview by the team
Projects: platforms for payments in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Monaco and Beluga Pay introduce cryptocurrencies to mass circulation by creating convenient tools for making and accepting payments for goods and services in both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Beluga Pay:

What's in common
Payments are available in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, ERC20 standard tokens) and in fiat currency.
Both platforms are Ethereum-based.
Token holders will get a commission from all the payments made on the platform. Monaco — 1%, Beluga Pay — 0,5% + bonuses depended on the number of tokens.
A mobile app for Android and iOS. The Monaco app is available for users from Aug 31, 2017. The Beluga Pay app is currently in a private testing stage.
Banking license. Monaco signed an agreement with Visa in Singapore on November 1, 2017. Beluga cooperated with a bank in Spain at the end of 2015.
An automatic cryptocurrency conversion at the most competitive rate.
Bonuses for using the system.
What's different
Markets: Monaco — Asia; first cards are available for Singapore residents. Beluga Pay — Latin America; first payment terminals are installed in Mexico.
Monaco's main product for the realization of payments' function is plastic cards Visa and Master Card with the opportunity to pay in fiat and cryptocurrencies. The main Beluga Pay's product — the payment terminals with the possibility to receive fiat money and cryptocurrency when paying with Visa and Master Card.
A distinctive feature of Beluga Pay is the existence of the ready-made management system for the restaurant business.
Monaco's ICO was held from May 18 to June 18, 2017. The raised funds: 71 392 ETH ($25 million by the end of the ICO).
Beluga's ICO starts on March 1, 2018. Pre-sale — December - February 28. Hard cap — 100 000 ETH ($46,7 million as of today).
The average Monaco rate during the ICO was $2,88. The price as of today is $15,4. After 6,5 months the MCO token price has grown in more than 5 times.
Currently, the minimum price of the BBI token at the pre-sale is 331,2 BBI = 1 ETH, or 1 BBI = $1,41 (at the rate as of 05.12.17).
To sum up
Looking objectively, Beluga Pay is not inferior to Monaco and has an extra advantage of the additional management system for the restaurant business. Therefore, taking part in their ICO can give you quite strong possibilities to make a profit in the medium term (for a few months at least).

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