Medicalchain vs. Robomed Network


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Projects: platforms for health care.

Both projects are meant to enable secure, fast and transparent exchange and usage of medical data taking advantage of blockchain technology.

Robomed Network:
What's in common
User control: patients have control over their medical records by providing different levels of access to their data to various users.
Data security: a double encryption mechanism on a closed, permission-based Blockchain that provides a high level of data security.
Mobile app: through mobile applications patients can choose specialists to whom they want to show their medical data. Both applications also allow receiving telemedicine consultations and arranging visits to specialists.
What's different
Managing a medical organization: Robomed provides tools for management of the delivery of health services.
Commission fees: Robomed requires commission fees from healthcare providers that are automatically collected according to the results of transactions. Medicalchain takes fees from healthcare providers; the platform is going to provide a variety of additional fee-paying applications and services for users in the near future.
Voting: Robomed includes a tool for decentralized ecosystem management providing a public vote for token holders to increase effectiveness of medical services. Medicalchain does not allow voting.
Tools for researchers and insurers: Medicalchain provides additional tools for facilitating researchers and insurers in the informational search.
Platform for DApps: Medicalchain provides an opportunity for developers to create applications for healthcare on the platform.
Medicalchain reached the hard cap of $24 million within several hours of ICO.
Hard cap of Robomed was much higher (500 000 ETH), and they didn't manage to reach it. Robomed is going to launch the second ICO stage by the end of 2018.
Medicalchain: MTN token is internal currency. Tokens are listed on 6 exchanges. Total issue is limited to 500 million.

Robomed: RBM token is internal currency. Tokens are listed on 2 exchanges. Total issue is not limited.
To sum up
Both platforms implement Blockchain offering sufficient advantages for patients and providing them with control over their medical data and creating convenient tools for getting high-quality medical treatment. Nevertheless, the projects have significant differences. The main goal of Robomed is to provide a platform for efficient management of medical organizations and cooperation between healthcare providers. Medicalchain is mainly meant for efficient interaction between patients, healthcare providers, researchers, and insurers.

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