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There are over 80 leading websites already that make rating about your ICO. And there are more and more appearing on the list. Just like ICO projects that need a score.
We analyzed top five rating websites and made it clear for yourselves — sadly, it's still all about advertisement.
How they rate your project: they have more than 40 parameters. The major ones: quality of the product, the validity of the use of a blockchain, a whitepaper, a business model, a team, terms of token sale. But still, each main parameter has from 5 to 9 additional subparameters. The system is quite complicated.

Rating scale: they give you from 1 to 5 points.

Paid promotion: for 2 BTC they promise to analyze your project, find errors and give you advice on how to make it better. Apparently, after their advice, your ICO gets a higher score.
How they rate your project: they don't mention any criteria.

Rating scale: they rate your project on three levels — bronze, silver, and gold.

Paid promotion: it will cost you 0,05 BTC to have your project included in the weekly email newsletter.
How they rate your project: they have more than twenty parameters and four main groups for rating: information about the project, your team, a presentation, marketing, and your presence on social networks.

Rating scale: they rate separately from 1 to 5 points each of four criteria: an ICO profile, a team, and the product vision.

Paid promotion: you can find a price list right on their website. The price ranges from 1 BTC to 3,6 BTC. Might be quite expensive though, but they promise to help you with documentation, put you on their listing, and publish the announcements about your project on their top-list during one week or even the whole month, depending on the package you choose. For 1 BTC you can buy a place on their premium list only for one week. They also say that they have a ton of submits so they can check your project out of turn for 0,1 BTC.
How they rate your project: they have a few criteria:
hype-score — how popular your project is in mass media;
risk-score — a crew, a whitepaper, a prototype of your product, jurisdiction, expenses, partners, and advisors;
investment potential — your business model and market size;
in-depth rating — how attractive your project is for the future investors.

Rating scale: hype-score (overall rating), risk-score (risk assessment), and investment potential are estimated by high, medium, and low levels. For in-depth rating they award you with a positive, stable or risky state.

Paid promotion: they don't mention any price on their website. We tried to contact them — complete silence.
How they rate your project: they check your team, your whitepaper, the existing prototype, your beta version, and other docs.

Rating scale: well, they use a check mark, a cross, and an eye to give you the rating. Depending on how deep your project has been checked for the parameters, they award a check mark to the confirmed projects, the cross to the ICOs with unconfirmed status, and the eye to the projects that still wait for confirmation.

Paid promotion: they promise to push your project and bring you more audience. After we contacted the team, they gave us three options:
basic package — $900. They offer a listing in upcoming and ongoing category, a full profile page, and a project verification;
advanced package — $1,800. They offer everything in Basic package plus a short project summary posted in their blog and insertion in weekly newsletter — 2000+ subscribers;
premium package — $2,000. They offer everything included in Advanced package plus mentioning your project on their Twitter and Facebook profiles.
Each of these rating websites has a similar information about their responsibility. Well, mostly about its absence, to be precise.

The text is approximately the following: the sites are not responsible for any provided analytical materials. All information has only informative value and can't be considered as a professional offer for participation in any projects. Furthermore, no one guarantees an accuracy and reliability. Rating websites don't exclude the possibility of financial loss of the clients.

To make it shortly: all these ratings don't mean anything, to be honest. The high scores don't guarantee that the project will be successful. Your confirmed profile doesn't guarantee that everything written is true. Mostly, it's just paid words. Remember this.
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