Po.et has sold out all their tokens in one day at ICO. How did they make it?

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What is Po.et: a shared ledger designed to track ownership and attribution for the world's digital creative assets.

Project: developers are planning to solve the content theft problem. What is their solution? You write your article or a scenario, put info into database and authorize it. After this, all the rights belong to you and secured by a blockchain.

Website: po.et

Analog: Mediachain

How they differ from the competitors: the project is designed specifically for digital content creation.

How they want to make money: the processing and content authentication are paid. You need to have tokens to register your content, turn off the ads and increase your reputation.

Market size: Intellectual Property Licensing Industry makes more than $43 billion annually.

What their token gives you: profits go to dividends. For example, if you have 1% of tokens, you will get 1% from their income. Po.et's tokens also work as an internal currency.

Token price: $0,00637. You need to get a special invitation to buy the token. You will receive it if you subscribe to their news or contact the team via social media. Everyone can buy their tokens except U.S. and Singapore citizens.

How much they want to make during ICO: $10 million. The plan is to sell around 1,57 billion tokens. This is 50% of the maximum they have (3, 141 billion).
Where the money will go after ICO:
45% — project development
20% — platform support
15% — business development
15% — advertisement
5% — legal expenses

Сrew: 9 people. Among them: a founder of Appcasher, a software developer at Globant, and a former designer for Apple and BitPay.

Bo Shen — a managing partner at Fenbushi Capita.
Richard D. Titus — producing numerous feature films, he is famous for heading digital for the Daily Mail & BBC. From 2016 he became a Senior Vice President of Product Experience at Samsung.
James Heckman — a former News Corp and Yahoo! senior executive, a founder and a CEO of two professional publisher networks Rivals.com and Scout.com.
Greg Clayman — a general manager of Audience Networks at Vimeo.

Free tokens: there aren't any. The company will distribute around 341 thousand tokens among all developers of po.et.

Project status: Alpha version is out already.
Communication: blog, slack, telegram, github, twitter, reddit

Date of ICO: August 8th, 2017. All tokens were sold out in one day.

Information on the landing page: ★★★★★
Disadvantages: there aren't any. Honestly, everything looks too perfect to be true.
How clear is the project: ★★★★☆

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