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What is Friendz: a platform for decentralized digital advertising based on p2p communication.
Project: Friendz is an already existing and fast-growing platform where companies have an opportunity of getting direct communication with users in order to engage them in performing various marketing activities that will enhance their brands in future. The Friendz platform appeared on the market in 2016. They already have 200k users and over 200 clients.

The aim of an ICO is to integrate the platform with Blockchain and make it more substantial and multinational. The main goal of the project is to create an international ecosystem to provide companies with new powerful marketing tools connecting them with their target audience.

Why Blockchain:
direct connection between brands and users
transparency and trust towards users and approvers
community involvement
decentralized validation system

Country: Switzerland.

Website: friendz.io

Analog: Bitcomo, Chillproject

How they differ from the competitors: at the moment, they don't have strong competitors. The closest ones in the field of decentralized digital advertising are either CPA networks that provide for direct communication between businesses and publishers or marketing platforms that connect businesses with marketers.

How they want to make money: selling advertising campaigns to companies.

Market size: global ad spending grew by 8.8% in 2018 reaching $642.9 billion. As they say in the whitepaper, the ad spending market forecast for 2020 will make $724.1 billion.

What their token gives you: an internal currency.

Token price: week one — 1 FDZ = $0.061, week two — 1 FDZ= $0.067.

Terms of sale: a minimum sum of purchase is 0.1 ETH. Accepted currencies: ETH.

What will happen to tokens:
the total issue is 1,5 billion FDZ.

Token allocation:
750 000 000 — ICO;
300 000 000 — reserve fund;
165 000 000 — partners;
105 000 000 — advisors;
75 000 000 — liquidity fund;
75 000 000 — team;
30 000 000 — bounty.

How much they want to raise on ICO: soft cap — 50 000 000 FDZ, hard cap — 750 000 000 FDZ.

Where the money will go:

50% — business development and marketing;
20% —personnel and professionals;
15% — development;
10% — G&A;
5% — others.
Team: 35 members working in 3 different offices in Italy, Spain, and Switzerland .

Daniele Scaglia – Co-founder, COO, Head of Operations Division. He is responsible for internal processes and communications. He is also in charge of managing campaigns' creation process together with the Operations Team.

Cecilia Nostro – Co-founder, CFO. Working closely with the Marketing & Sales Team, she is responsible for the communication with clients, marketing, and PR activities.

Alessandro Cadoni - Co-founder, CEO. He is responsible for the communication with users. Alessandro is involved in the management of a wide range of tasks from engagement activities to social media communication and customer care.

Giorgio Pallocca – CTO, Head of Development Division. He is responsible for the system and blockchain architecture: he is in charge of developing the platforms, smart contracts and together with the Development Team takes care of the system security. He has experience as the head of development at Ohmygoodness Inc. and as CEO and CTO at Dexma and Netlex.

Ibex Capital – accounting and tax advisor. It is a wealth management firm founded in 2006 by highly qualified professionals with significant experience in Private and Investment Banking. It aims to support its Private and Institutional Clients to achieve their financial and risk objectives providing them with high quality, innovative, and independent services.

Triboo – marketing and commercial partner. It is a unique digital ecosystem which addresses different customer segments through targeted propositions from advertising to sales.

Free tokens: bonuses up to 40% depending on the date of purchase. The bounty campaigns will be available through Friendz App.
Q1 2018

ICO and listing on exchanges
Q2 2018

Extension to Central Europe
Q3 2018

Introduction of creativity approvers
Q4 2018

Expansion of services to B2B clients
Q1 2019

Extension to Nordics
Q2 2019

Widget payment system for commercial partners
Q3 2019

Users internal wallet
Q4 2019

Extension to Eastern Europe
Q1 2020

Extension to North America
Q2 2020

Extension to South America
Q3 2020

Extension to Asia and Australia

telegram: 84 thousand
facebook: 48 thousand
twitter: 54 thousand

Date of ICO
: March 1 — March 21, 2018.
Information on the landing page: ★★★★★
How clear is the project: ★★★★☆

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