ICO is coming: Trippki — are they serious?


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What is Trippki: an online hotel booking platform with a customer reward system.
Project: Trippki is an Ethereum-based ecosystem that helps create a direct relationship between a client and a hotel through an advanced reward protocol. Developers promise to reduce high commissions by isolating all intermediaries. Once you register on the website, you will have your personal account that is linked to your customer reputation and the ID details. You choose the hotel, book it and, later, 20% of the total booking price gets back to you in TRIP tokens as a reward.

Website: trippki.com

Analog: Booking, Trivago.

How they differ from the competitors: they want to develop a reward system that is more convenient compared to the current travel websites. Later, they promise to decrease the commission for the hotel services from 30% down to 5%.

How they want to make money: commission for services.

Market size: a hotel booking market size is estimated at $528 billion annually, and it's expected to grow twice by 2030. An online booking through OTA (Online Travel Agency) takes 40% ($211 billion) of the market.

What their token gives you: an internal currency.

Token price: they don't mention. 20 ETH as a min investment.

What will happen to tokens: they will issue 200 million.

40% — locked in the Vault smart contract;
40% — distributed to the public;
10% — go to the legal entity;
10% — bounties.

Recommended wallets: MyEtherWallet, Mist, MetaMask.
How much they want to raise on ICO: hard cap — 6 000 ETH. Soft cap — 26 000 ETH.

Where the money will go:
50% — further development;
25% — marketing;
12% — research;
10% — administrative and legal;
1% — P2P technology education.

Crew: a CEO, Ed Cunningham, has been involved in a tourism industry since the 90s — he organized safari tours in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, and Botswana. A few years ago he moved to London where he started the development of Trippki.

Free tokens: they don't discuss this that much online, but still, they promise to announce the details on their telegram.

Project Status:
a pre-sale is live. MVP release is expected in the Q4 2018.

Communication: twitter, telegram, blog.

Date of ICO:
it was planned on November 14 but a few days before they changed the date to the Q1 2018 — there are no exact dates yet. Why: they explained that they want to sign the documents with hotels before launching the ICO.
Information on the landing page: ★★★☆☆
Disadvantages: there are lots of online booking services now. And there is nothing innovative about Trippki's idea. The promised friendly interface will only be available in one year, approximately, and it will only be on the global scale that you can make good money with small commissions.
How clear is the project: ★★★☆☆

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