ICO is coming: StockBlock — are they serious?

Overview from the team kript.io

What is StockBlock: a platform to copyright and trade artwork.
Project: StockBlock is a marketplace designed for photographers, illustrators & graphic designers to store, sell and track their artworks time stamped with copyright and attribution on the Ethereum platform.

As an artist, you upload your images to a blockchain-based cloud Storj and register your copyright and attribution details. After that, you can start setting up a price and creating multiple or single editions to sell. To avoid online copyright infringement, the platform will use perceptual hashing to track any duplicate images. If the system finds online the images with similar fingerprints, it will list them under the artwork's tracking history. The author will decide the further actions. When it comes to selling the work, you will receive instant payment via smart contracts created using copyright info and the image hash.

Developers promise that even if copyright infringement happens, the artist will be guided by the StockBlock worldwide legal team.


Analog: Shutterstock.

How they differ from the competitors:
the team is trying to create a B2B blockchain-based Shutterstock with a complete monitoring of the artwork.

How they want to make money:
commission for services.

Market size: according to the annual report by Technavio, the stock images market will grow to $4,46 billion by 2021.

What their token gives you:
an internal currency to trade artworks and services on the platform.

Token price:
pre-ICO — 3 000 XMC = 1 ETH, ICO — 2 000 XMC = 1 ETH.

What will happen to tokens:
they will issue 250M tokens in total. 10% and 55% will go to the pre-ICO and the ICO, respectively. The rest will be reserved for the team and future development. The unsold tokens will be locked in smart contacts for three years.

How much they want to raise on ICO: soft cap — 25 000 ETH, hard cap — 75 000 ETH. If they don't reach the soft cap, they will give the money back.
Where the money will go:
platform development;
setting up an HQ office and offshore offices to handle a local region or a country;
licenses, equipment, legals, in-house developers, and other team members, etc.

there are only five people so far, all are Indians, but they are actively looking for new talents to join the team.

Free tokens:
they launch a massive bounty program to get support from the community and allocate free tokens for the help.
Project status:
the alpha release is set for 31st December, 2017. Beta test with photographers is planned for 1st July, 2018. The platform will be open for everyone by 1st January, 2019, but to secure the system the beta will only be available through invitation;

they are developing invisible watermarks, the feature where the image gets watermarked with the author's copyright and attributes that will be invisible to human eye;

they also plan to offer copyright for music, video, and other digital assets in future.

facebook, twitter, medium, bitcointalk.

Date of ICO: 25th October — 25th November.

Information on the landing page: ★★★☆☆
Disadvantages: the idea seems like another breakthrough in the image industry if they manage to build and secure the whole mechanism. But the project still in a very early stage and there is a long way to go.
How clear is the project: ★★★☆☆

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