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What is Scorum: a sports media platform.
Project: Scorum is a media platform for creating high-quality sports content, sports betting, and playing fantasy sports. Sorum allows users to make bets against each other in real time, avoiding third parties, commissions, and hidden payments. The platform also provides rewards for both the content creators and curators.

Website: scorumcoins.com

Analog: EtherSport, BetterBetting

How they differ from the competitors: besides sports betting and ability to play fantasy sports, Scorum also enables users to shape their own information space and get rewarded for sharing their passion for sports. So, if looking at the features, they seem rather distinctive compared with other sports media resources.

How they want to make money:

—adds on the platform with rewards for clicks
— a commission from selling partner's products (live broadcasts, tickets, etc.)
— 10% of the photos' price from the database. As a user, you can purchase the images to create your own content.

Market size:
there are over 1 billion sports fans in the world. The capitalization of the sports events market is $80 billion, and the market of betting and the virtual teams brings more than $1 trillion.

What their token gives you: an internal currency.

Token price: there are several phases. The first 1,6 million SCR — $0,5, the next 2 million SCR — $0,75, the next 3 million SCR — $0,9, and the last 12 million SCR will go for $1.

Terms of sale: no minimum purchase. Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH.

What will happen to tokens: they issued two types of tokens — Scorum Coin (SCR) and Scorum Power (SP). All unsold SCO tokens will be exchanged into the SP tokens and go for the further development of the project. The SCR tokens that aren't distributed to their partners will be burned. As for the SP tokens, they will be allocated for free as bonuses and rewards. You can convert the SP into the SCR within 12 months at the rate of 1 SP = 1 SCR.

Token allocation: 20 million tokens in total:
18,6 million — crowdsale
930 thousand — affiliate program
470 thousand — team

How much they want to raise on ICO: hard cap — $17 million.

Where the money will go:
65% — development
20%— marketing
15% — legal support

— Vladislav Artemyev: Co-Founder and CEO. He is a blockchain and an AI evangelist with 12 years of experience in the IT field. He is also a founder of the famous fantasy sports Russian community;

— Nikolay Pobol: Co-Founder and Operational Manager. He is the first private investor and business angel for Scorum being responsible for the company's performance;

— Andrei Filipovich: Co-Founder and User Experience Director. He has more than 10 years of experience in UX / UI working at the companies like Google, IMAX, and Thomson Reuters;

— Alexey Belov: Co-Founder and Chief Sports Analysts. Having more than 8 years of working as a professional sports journalist, he is an editor with over 500 publications;

— Alex Shkor: CTO and Blockchain Architect. He has over 11 years of experience in software development, including 4 years of work as a CTO.

—Julian Zegelman: a corporate lawyer, a partner at Velton-Zegelman PC;

—Sergey Brui: an executive director of Vizor Games;

— Victor Kuzmin: a CTO at Vizor Games;

—Alexander Amosov: a managing partner at Oaklins Latum.

Free tokens: 930 thousand of SCR are distributed within the framework of the partner program for investors' attraction at the rate of 5% of the purchase amount.

SP tokens distribution:
3,84 million — bonuses for voting and comments
3 million — team
2,1 million — bonuses for registration
0,1 million — Steemit users
0.48 million — witnesses (users signing blocks)
0,48 million — SP holders

December 2017

The prototype of the fantasy sports platform
March 2018

Blockchain and online wallet launch
April 2018

Fantasy sports platform with SCR integration
May 2018

Launch of the blogging platform with an integrated reward system. Public release of Microsoft's Business Intelligence service Power BI
June 2018

Release of the betting exchange
July 2018

Implementation of the advertising system
September 2018

Visualization of sports data for the blogging platform and launch of the MVP photo database
October 2018

Adding the most popular sports leagues in the USA to the statistical center
telegram: 8,1 thousand
facebook: 7,2 thousand
twitter: 7,4 thousand
youtube: 990

Date of ICO
: phase 1 – October 25 - November 22, 2017. Phase 2 – March 22 - April 19, 2018.
• uniqueness of the platform
• no commissions and hidden payments for bets
• the development of the platform has already started: a user interface for the blogging platform and a beta version of the statistical center are ready
• strong team and advisors
• high-quality information support and high rating on icorating.com, icobench.com, icobazaar.com
• the beta version of the fantasy sports platform is live
Information on the landing page: ★★★★★
How clear is the project: ★★★★★

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