ICO is coming: Robomed — are they serious?

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What is Robomed:
a medical network that helps connect clinics with patients.
Project: Robomed is a network that connects patients and clinics through a smart contract. You, as a patient, pay by tokens to choose a medical service you need and describe all your symptoms. The system will automatically connect you with the most efficient clinic for consultation and treatment.

The smart contract analyses all methods of consultation and treatment based on the latest standards in the medical industry. To improve the quality of your treatment, Robomed will pay doctors by tokens. The same goes with abnormal patients' problems — they will get tokens for helping develop the Robomed network.

For clients: developers are planning to release a web interface and a mobile app. Through this app, you can choose the type of services, get a video consultation, and make an appointment. You will also have a medical card. Only a doctor from the clinic who is linked to Robomed will have access to it.

For clinics: to automate customer service the developers will develop an already existing medical information system. Companies will be able to analyse customers' behavior, average payment, doctors' efficient work, adds, and the quality of business processes. Robomed also has a payment management and an electronic document management. Overall, the clinic will be able to get tokens for the client's treatment only if he votes for this.

Website: robomed.io


How they differ from the competitors: the idea is a real worldwide working business, but, apparently, their main clients are Russian clinics so far.

How they want to make money: we couldn't find a precise strategy in their docs. Probably, it will be a commission for services.

Market size: people spend more than $4600 billion every year on medical services. The target market estimated by Robomed is $800 billion.
What their token gives you: an internal currency.

Token price:
pre-ICO — 1 RBM = 0,00034 ETH, ICO — 1 RBM = 0,00045 ETH.

What will happen to tokens:
the number of tokens is limited. They need them to sign the smart contract between clients and clinics. But, if the demand for services will exceed the established limit on the volume of RBM tokens (1,675 million) there will be a queue formed for medical services in the order of buying/selling their tokens.

How much they want to raise on ICO:
soft cap — 25 thousand ETH, hard cap — 500 thousand ETH.

Where the money will go:

70% — provision fund
15% — project development
10% — marketing
3% — operations
2% — legal expenses
Philipp Mironovich — a co-founder, a founder and head of medical clinics «Open Clinics», facebook.
Ivan Devyatkov — a co-founder, a founder of the first version of Robomed, facebook.

Free token:
you can get them for translation and adds in social networks.

Project status:
they say that there is a blockchain-based beta version. Robomed is already operating in Russia. If we judge by their data, there are 20 clinics connected to Robomed so far and 1,7 million of patients.

twitter, facebook, medium, telegram

Date of ICO:
15th November — 15th December. Pre-ICO: 25th October — 15th November.

Information on the landing page:
Disadvantages: they have big plans, but let's be honest, our modern medical sphere is quite conservative for such large-scale innovations.
How clear is the project: ★★★☆☆

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