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What is MDL Talent Hub : a talent sourcing platform.
Project: MDL Talent Hub promises to connect talents with bookers, thus facilitating a talent sourcing market. Feeble search for channels, lack of tracing the talents' reputation and standards for presentation materials — these are the most crucial market problems that stop all creatives and agents from building comfortable and productive collaborations. To fix these flaws, MDL offers the following tools:

Search: an easy-to-use tool for a search for talents, gigs, and jobs.
Profile: every artist's profile will feature several portfolios to showcase all his or her talents, including presentation materials such as intro videos, comp cards, and others. The platform will also implement a rating system for all participants of the ecosystem.
Calendar: MDL will also offer time-management tools, providing a tracking schedule of the talents as well as the agenda of the upcoming events.
Booking system: a talent agent will be able to book an artist in a wink.


Website: mdl.life.

Analog: SwipeCast, Gigwell, ManagerFashion, Tokenstars, Isina, Viberate.

How they differ from the competitors: there are quite a few platforms that offer similar features but they don't seem to be very global and operational. MDL, in its turn, aims to garner in one place not only professionals but also novices. The team plans to create an ecosystem that will provide talents and bookers with services worldwide.

How they want to make money: developers point out several streams as their future income:
prosumer marker place with provided equipment, crafted costumes, and other tradable/rentable suppliers;
KOL partnership programs with brands;
live broadcasting;
commission from transactions and advertising.

Market size: the value of the entertainment talent industry is about $2.3 trillion annually. While the talent sourcing market is worth $12,4 billion.

What their token gives you: an internal currency.

Token price: 1 MDL=$0,05.

Free tokens: their bounty campaign is running from December 20, 2017 up until April 10, 2018 with 22 500 000 MDL ($1 125 000) allocated to the program. To get a reward, you should join their Facebook, Twitter, Creativity, Translation and Moderation, Bitcointalk, and other campaigns.

Terms of sale
: to join the sale you need to download the Waves wallet. The MDL token will be released on Skyledger. Accepted currencies: BTC, BCC, ETH, ETC, SKY, WAVES, DASH, and Zcash.

What will happen to tokens:
the total issue is 1 000 000 000 tokens. All unsold tokens will be time-locked for the final mining. The token can be further traded on C2CX, BitShares, and HelloBTS. They will also issues so-called MDL TH (MDL Token Hours) to support the MDL Token value growth and protect the platform from the token's volatility. In order to increase both the MDL token value and stability of MDL TH, the latter won't be available for trading and will be burned through each transaction of MDL tokens and the purchase of extended functions of the platform.

Token allocation:
40% — ICO;
20% — media-data mining;
15% — founders;
9% — in-platform rewards;
8,75% — team and advisors;
5%— pre-ICO;
2,25% — bounty.

How much they want to raise on ICO: soft cap — $10 million, hard cap — $20 million.

Where the money will go:

45% — platform development;
35% — marketing;
10% — partner engagement;
5% — legal and regulatory;
3% — token management;
2% — misc - 2%.
Roman Tronenko — CTO. Having a significant experience in the Internet industry, Roman is well-versed on Python, Golang, jQuery, C++, Ruby on Rails, and Java.

Dmitry Timokhin — CFO. Living in Shanghai, China for more than a decade, Dmitry runs a cluster of companies in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Russia. The main areas of his expertise encompass media publishing house, apparel manufacturing, biomedicine technologies and regenerative medicine as well as food and non-food import/export and distribution.

Dimitry Doronin — CEO. Based in China, Dimitry is eagerly involved in TVC production as a production coordinator and a casting manager. He is also an initiator and COO of F You Art Community and other small media projects. Currently, Dimitry is pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Team management and creativity.

Daniil Kostin — Android Developer. As a seasoned full stack developer, Daniil has been involved in numerous social media and actor casting projects.

Bulat Zamilov — System Administrator. Having over ten years of experience in IT systems, Bulat is an expert in the fields of software delivery and deployment process and BU-systems.

Alexander Pala — Crypto Community Manager. Alexander holds two degrees in Economics and Cybernetics. Operating in stock and forex markets since 2011, he has broad experience in managing ICOs and bounty programs on a global scale.

Plus two more members including a Graphic Designer Tsatsynkina Maria and a Web Developer Bogdan Pshenichniy.

Synth — ICO Advisor. The creator of Skycoin.

Jevgenij Konn — Financial Advisor. After more than eleven years of working in corporate in banking industries in Germany, Jevgenij is currently leading Asia-Pacific Treasury Department for a DAX-member German multinational company.

Samuel Doe — Mentor. An entrepreneur with more than twenty years' experience in the fields of social media, digital vending, video games/software development, and more. Having worked with such companies like Google, Sony, Dream Works, Microsoft, and HP, Samuel founded and successfully sold four startups in the U.S.

Qiang Liu — Straregic Advisor. Qiang is a senior participant of the BitShares community. He is also a founder of HelloBTS and YOYOW.
October 2017

Website and Blog launch, MDL Token issue
November 2017

GUI prototype
December 2017

Skyldger Conference, Shanghai&Shenzhen
January 2018

March 2018

ITO (Launch of the MDL Mainnet)
November 2018

Alpha launch
March 2019

MVP Beta launch
April-June 2019

Launch of the Chinese version for local talents
September 2019

Expansion to entire China talent market
December 2019

Cross-border expansion to Asia
March 2020

Prosumer ecosystem marketplace
May-June 2020

Conference&Mining system launch
steemit: 10
telegram: 535
facebook: 584
twitter: 655

Date of ITO: March 10, 2018 - April 10, 2018.
Information on the landing page: ★★★☆
How clear is the project: ★★★☆

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