ICO is coming: Global Jobcoin — are they serious?

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What is Global Jobcoin: a service for employers and employees — Jobstoday.
Project: Jobstoday will include two parts: a platform for permanent job postings and section for freelancers.

The platform for job offers, as developers say, has already been working for three years. Their platforms are present in Switzerland, Poland, Germany, and Austria. On these platforms, employers can place vacancies for money, and employees respond to them. The developers claim that their audience has already reached 1 million users from 90 countries. That is strange because if you visit any of these websites, the average number of job views varies from 5 to 100.

They promise to launch a service for freelancers in the next year. It will work on smart contracts. Clients post an assignment, set a price with terms&conditions, and a freelancer agrees to them. Or it can be vice versa, the freelancer describes his or her experience and sets the price for services.
Jobstoday has more features: training and course advertising, access to the resume database, and rewards to users for helping companies find employees.

Website: globaljobcoin.com

Analog: Blocklancer, Wordcoin and Bitjob.

How they differ from the competitors: as the developers explain, Bitjob is only focused on students, Blocklancer focuses on freelancers, Wordcoin — on translators. The primary goal of Global Coin is to take over the whole labor market.

How they want to make money:
commission for services.

Market size:
the global recruitment market is around $20 billion.
What their token gives you: dividends — every quarter the company promises to reward token holders with 20% of their global profit.

Token price:

1st week — 1 ETH = 525 GJC
2nd week — 1 ETH = 455 GJC
3rd week — 1 ETH = 420 GJC
4th week — 1 ETH = 350 GJC

What will happen to tokens:
all unsold tokens will be frozen for one year. Every year they plan to invest 10% of the profit in repurchasing the Global Jobcoins in the market.

How much they want to raise on ICO:
soft cap — no, hard cap — 200 thousand ETH.

Where the money will go:
we didn't find the exact answer. In the social media, the developers say that they are already making money on their platforms. They need an ICO to launch Jobstoday worldwide.
Crew: 28 people working at the offices in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Poland.

Free tokens:
you can get them for documents' translations and advertising in social networks.

Project status:
as they say, their platforms have been working in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Poland for three years already. They have more than 1 million users and over 500 clients. But they are planning to start testing the platform with smart contracts only in Q1 of 2018 and with only 200 testers.

twitter, facebook, medium. The developers have quite a strange page on bitcointalk.org — it feels like all the messages on the last pages were written by bots.

Date of ICO:
28th October-6th December, 2017.

Information on the landing page:
Disadvantages: developers promise to spend 30% of the profit on dividends and repurchase the tokens. That seems a lot for a young company. Just, for instance, Facebook and Amazon have never paid dividends.
How clear is the project: ★★☆☆☆

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