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What is Gladius: a service for collective protection against DDoS attacks.
Project: as developers of Gladius explain DDOs attacks are a powerful and simple way to disrupt the operation of websites. The protection is expensive, and it doesn't always work.

Gladius decided to create a decentralized ecosystem that enables anyone to protect their website. You will be able to rent out your computer's spare network bandwidth and earn tokens. This mechanism is much cheaper than traditional methods and potentially more effective.

Basically, the network of Gladius is one big collective filter: all traffic that goes to the websites of Gladius' clients passes through the service first.

With a blockchain, this filter will use computing powers near you. It will enable to download information faster compared to other DDoS protection services.

Website: gladius.io

сloudfare.com, incapsula.com, akamai.com

How they differ from the competitors:
the potential number of servers is much larger, the service is cheaper and more efficient.

How they want to make money:
commission for services.

Market size:
according to Markets and Markets, in 2016 companies around the world spent $824,4 million on protection against DDoS attacks. By 2021, this number will grow up to $2,16 billion.
What their token gives you: an internal currency. A client pays by tokens for cybersecurity services. The better half will go to the computers' owners who make up the network of Gladius. The rest — commission for services.

Token price:
week 1 — 525 GLA = 1 ETH
week 2 — 515 GLA = 1 ETH
week 3 — 505 GLA = 1 ETH
week 4 — 500 GLA = 1 ETH

What will happen to tokens: the unsold tokens will be frozen until the company needs money again.
How much they want to raise on ICO: soft cap — $2 million, hard cap — $12,5 million.

Where the money will go:

40% — further development;
20% — security;
30% — operations and legal;
10% — marketing.

a CEO of Gladius — Max Niebylski — graduated from a school in 2016. After that, he worked for one year as a developer at a small online store Rotunda and had an internship for a few months at Bloomberg. But according to the whitepaper, his working experience is over eights years.
Max has a strong team of advisors who help him with the business side. One of them — Joseph Steinberg — is the founder of SecureMySocials, a security monitoring system for social media.

Free tokens:
you can get them for translations and ads on the social networks.

Project status:
they published the code of an alpha-version in GitHub. The team is waiting for a feedback from users. A beta version is planned for March 2018, the official launch of the network is set for August 2018.

twitter, facebook, medium, telegram.

Date of ICO:
November 1-30, 2017.
Information on the landing page: ★★★★☆
Disadvantages: Well, seems like everything is fine. The only confusing moment is their insanely young CEO. You need a broad experience to manage this kind of project, but it looks like he won't have the last word in decisions.
How clear is the project: ★★★★☆

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