ICO is coming: Gizer — are they serious?

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What is Gizer: a social network for gamers.
Project: developers plan to create an ecosystem for the interaction of gamers, hosts, small businesses, and advertisers.

Gizer is designed for three types of users: players (gamers), tournament organizers (hosts), and users who offer services. The organizer can create a tournament for any types of games that Gizer supports: specify the date, the terms of participation, and the prize. The player can see the tournaments and participate in them.

The platform also has a built-in marketplace - users can offer various services to others. For example, make branded T-shirts, host a stream of the tournament, edit a video or make a website. These services can be ordered by both players and organizers.

The application has its own internal currency — Boost. You can use it to pay for all the services. You can buy Boost for fiat in PayPal or get if for free for viewing ads.
They need a blockchain to store the data. At this moment, it's still stored in the application.

Website: gizer.io

Analog: AppStore, Google Play.

How they differ from the competitors:
they are only focused on eSports.

How they want to make money:
commission for services and revenue from advertising.

Market size: global eSports projected earnings are over $1 billion annually.

What their token gives you:
an internal currency. Gizer will create two types of the currency: Boost (without a blockchain) and GZR. Boost already exists. As for GZR — they will sell it during an ICO.
Token price: 1 ETH = 1 000 GZR.

What will happen to tokens:
the unsold token will be held in reserve for the future distribution.
How much they want to raise on ICO: hard cap — $18 million.
Where the money will go:
50% — platform development;
20% — general & administrative expenses;
10% — compliance and legal;
10% — marketing;
5% — event sponsorships;
5% — miscellaneous.

Crew: they don't brag about their employees that much — they just say that 80% of the team are developers who specialize in mobile applications and games.

Free tokens:
you can get them for the ads on the social networks.

Project status:
the application is already available on the AppStore, they will also release it on the Google Play very soon.
Communication: twitter, facebook, medium, bitcointalk.

Date of ICO:
from November 10.
Information on the landing page: ★★★★★
Disadvantages: the developers have huge plans. But the main question we have for them (as well as for other new social platforms): will they be able to attract enough gamers to make the ecosystem live its own life?
How clear is the project: ★★★☆☆

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