ICO is coming: Boulé — are they serious?

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What is Boulé: a blockchain-based remote voting system.
Project: the service scans and verifies a voter's ID. A mobile app collects and counts the votes in real-time.

The blockchain solves at once several problems of traditional electronic elections: protection from frauds and falsification, reduction of election costs, and anonymity of voters.

One more argument from developers: the youths who will have their first voting experience have grown up in a modern digital world so they will definitely need a convenient and safe service.

Website: boule.one

Analog: followmyvote.com.

How they differ from the competitors:
during the pre-ICO Boulé raised 25 times more than Followmyvote did after the whole campaign on Kickstarter (it was cancelled in the end).

How they want to make money: the developers are planning to sell tokens to the electoral organisers who will distribute them among voters to collect the votes. Later, Boulé will redeem the used tokens.

Market size:
no info yet. Just for you to understand the approximate size: according to the report of OpenSecrets, the election of the Congress and the President of the United States in 2016 cost $6.44 billion. But, of course, this number includes all expenses, and it's shrouded in mystery how much exactly was spent on organising polling stations and counts.
What their token gives you: the right of vote.

Token price:
1 BOU = 0,001 ETH.

How much they want to raise on ICO:
during the pre-ICO they raised 612 ETH (~$178 thousand). The plan is to raise 80 thousand ETH (~$23 million).

Where the money will go:

65% — technical development of the platform and integration with pre-existing electoral systems
20% — management and operations
10% — marketing and promotions
5% — legal expenses
Crew: the developers are Italian. As they say, they previously worked for the local political party and were in charge of the promotion. The main project — they created and released on the market a food delivery service called SushiJet Srl.

Free tokens:
there aren't' any.

Project status:
they are supposed to release an alpha version in September. The developers have already signed a contract with Scientific Institute of Spanish eGovernment. If the testing is successful, Boulé will sell the first service licences in Spain and South Africa in Q1 of 2018

facebook, twitter, linkedin, telegram, medium, reddit

Date of ICO:
25th October — 12th November.

Information on the landing page:
Disadvantages: the developers are thinking about solving the problems of voters, but it doesn't mean that electors are thinking the same way.
How clear is the project: ★★★☆☆

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