ICO is coming: BitClave — are they serious?

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What is BitClave:
a decentralized Search Ecosystem.
Project: BitClave wants to get rid of all intermediaries in the advertising business. As the founders say, all companies pay a lot of money for inefficient advertising, online and offline. The solution from BitClave: connect the audience and advertisers directly through smart contracts.

Website: bitclave.com

Analog: Google

How they differ from the competitors: they don't charge for ads and don't sell users' data. BitClave merely wants to find their target audience for advertisement.

How they want to make money: commission from developers who will create applications based on the BitClave platform.

Market size: $550 billion by the end of 2017. Source: statista.com

Token price: $0,05. Everyone can buy it, except for US citizens.

How much they want to make during ICO: the plan is to sell 1 billion tokens. The maximum: 2 billion.
Where the money will go:
38% — application development
7% — administrative expenses
37% — an increase in the client base, including the growth and support of the global community
5% — support and product development through marketing, affiliate programs, etc.
5% — legal expenses
8% — extra expenses

Crew: 14 people. Advisers mostly, not developers.

Free tokens: giving away for the advertisement through Social Media and translation the company's texts into rare languages.
Project status: no alpha version, no deadlines for development.

Communication: medium, telegram, bitcointalk, youtube, slack, linkedin, facebook, twitter

Information on the landing page: ★★★☆☆
Disadvantages: they promise to "kill" Google, but their monetization model is still not clear.
How clear is the project: ★★★☆☆

Date of ICO: September 15th, 2017. Pre-ICO ended in one day, in July 25th. BitClave sold 70,415,594 tokens for $1.5 million.

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