Scam or not: what's happening with BitSupreme after ICO?


Overview by the team
What is BitSupreme: a digital payment system.
BitSupreme payment system is promised to be peer to peer with direct transactions between the users without intermediaries. These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in the blockchain. The main component of the system is BitSupreme Coin (BSP) — an internal decentralized digital currency.

The team declared the following functions for earning:
  • Lending — up to 45% of returns per month.
  • Referral — an extensive multilevel commission scheme to generate referral income.
No wonder, there are no details on the functions above. Nothing about trading, staking, and mining.

Country: no info.

Website: The website is currently suspended.

Date of ICO: November 9 — November 26, 2017.

Token price: 3 levels of price ($0.7-$0.85).

How much they planned to make/made: no soft cap or hard cap declared / there is no information about the raised funds either.

What their token gives you: an internal currency.

What will happen to tokens: the maximum coin supply is 15.25 million without the additional emission. They put 5,25 million on sale. All unsold tokens were supposed to be burnt.
Token trading: none.

What they promised/made:
• Release of lending program in November 2017 — ✖️
• BSP start of Internal Exchanger in November 2017 — ✖️
• Web and Desktop Wallet in December 2017 — ✖️

Facebook — 799
Twitter — 188
Why scam
This project is an obvious scam at all points.

Concept: ★☆☆☆☆
They had no original concept from the very beginning, declaring just to be similar to Bitconnect. There was no a whitepaper, no any other details neither on website nor on social networks. Their promotion campaign was based on high-profit returns on investment and multilevel referral program. All in all, BitSupreme is definitely the kind of project promotion you should stay away from.

Token: ★☆☆☆☆
No information about what they were going to do with the rest 10 million tokens that they put on sale. Promise to make up to 45% returns on investments per month seems to be unreasonably high.

Crew: ☆☆☆☆☆
There is no information about the team at all.

Communication: ☆☆☆☆☆
They created accounts just several days before an ICO; the last record was published two days before the end of the ICO on November, 24.

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