Bullshit Detector: What's Happening with Primalbase After ICO?


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What is Primalbase: a platform for workspace rent.

The concept of the project combines traditional real estate rent and crypto-economic models. Primalbase opens premium offices worldwide. Each office of the project has co-working spaces reserved only for the community members and based on crypto-economic relations, and also offices for rent available on a traditional rent model. The goal of the project is the transformation of classical office rent by creating a community-based ecosystem that allows participants to use, rent, or sell high-quality office spaces using cryptocurrency.
Country: Netherlands.

Website: primalbase.com

Token trading: June 27, 2017.

Where to buy tokens: Tidex, Waves Decentralized Exchange

Token price: -13%.

How much they planned to make: hard cap — 1000 PBT / they sold 1000 PBT worth 3100 BTC within 24 hours of ICO.

What their token gives you: the right either to use working space in co-working zones of Primalbase offices at any time and without extra charge or to let them on lease in order to gain passive income. 1 PBT provides full access to the co-working or shared workspace at any office for one person. 4 PBT allows getting access to a separate office in case it is available.
What will happened to tokens: the total issue is limited to 1 250 PBT. 1000 PBT – ICO. 250 PBT – management and social activities.

What they promised/made:
July 2017 – application design development — ✔
August-September 2017 – technical application development — ✔
October 2017 – first office establishment in Amsterdam&application for online booking launch — ✔
December 2017 – office establishment in Berlin — ✔

consists of 3 founders and 7 members. The founders of the project are from Russia:

Alexander Ivanov – Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board. He is a founder and CEO of Waves platform.

Dmitry Faller – Co-Founder and Advisor. He is a founder of the Blockchain Institute.

Dmitry Tokarev – Co-founder and Advisor. He is CTO in "Dolfin."

Review after ICO:
Primalbase was the first project with ICO and implementation of cryptocurrency in the field of real estate.

The team of the project consists of professionals with relevant experience, and it shows good results reaching milestones at the scheduled time.

They publish monthly reports with important updates and developments on their website.

Communication: telegram, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram.
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