Bullshit detector: what's happening with MobileGo after ICO?

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What is MobileGo: a crypto-centric mobile gaming platform and store for in-game purchases. In 2014, developers released their crypto currency called Gameсredits (GAME), and then the wallet — GWallet where you can buy games for PC via Steam using this cryptocurrency. In 2017 they decided to create a store with mobile games, launched an ICO and developed MobileGo.
The team is planning to sell games for tokens MGO and cryptocurrency GAME. Money will come from the commissions: the platform will take 10% of all game and in-game revenue (Google and AppStore take 30%).
Website: mobilego.io

Token trading: 11th June 2017.

Where to buy tokens: Liqui.

Token price: -77,55%.

How much they planned to make/made: they didn't put any limits/raised $53 million in two days.

What their token gives you: an internal currency. You can also buy for tokens Gameсredits (GAME) with a discount. The MobileGo token is simultaneously released on two platforms: Waves and Ethereum.
They are interchangeable: the user can change the blockchain-platform at will.

What will happen to tokens: developers are planning to spend 10% of the revenue on buying back and burning MobileGo tokens. The time is unknown.
What they promised/made:
  • a beta version of a gaming store G Store in Q2 of 2017 — ✔️
  • online tournaments in Q2 of 2017 — ✖️
  • a chance to purchase within the games in the Q2 of 2017 — only available in one game so far — Real Cricket 17
Review after ICO:

  • before an ICO they promised that they would trade on the Bittrex exchange, but they haven't started yet;
  • they raised over $53 million in 2 days, making a huge hype about themselves for a while. The team promised to spend 50% of the revenue on buying the tokens back (to maintain their price). But after three months of trading on the exchange, the price fell from $2,45 to $0,5;
  • they launched a lottery for 50 winners with free tokens as a prize — the winners were never announced. People shared on social networks that they even contacted the team members directly, but it was complete silence on their part;
  • the main communication with users goes through Gamecredits, they rarely update the profile of MobileGo.

In fact, ICO MobileGo is needed to raise money for further development of the team's main project — Gamecredits. It includes a gaming store for the desktop, a web wallet, and now a mobile gaming store — G Store.
Communication: twitter, facebook, telegram

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