Bullshit detector: what's happening with Matchpool after ICO?

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What is Matchpool: a dating platform.
Website: matchpool.co

Max Richardson, a former manager of hedge funds and a founder of a creative agency Bloc Digital. Among experts are Gavin Wood, a co-founder of Ethereum and Hermione Way, a former top-manager of Tinder.

Token trading:
April 11th, 2017.

Where to buy tokens:
Bittrex, Livecoin, Liqul.

Token price:

How much they planned to make/made:
125 000 ETH / 100% in two days (over $3,5 million).

What their token gives you:
an internal currency. Users can get the tokens for matchmaking, use them to pay for access to the private groups and the content from other users.

What will happen to tokens: unknown.
What they promised/made:
  • to release an alpha version in the Q1 of 2017 — ✖️
  • to release an alpha version in the Q2 of 2017 — ✔️
  • to release a beta version of Matchpool in the Q3 of 2017 — ✖️
  • to distribute the tokens through a bounty program — ✔️
Review after ICO:
  • released the alpha version only in July, but it is not possible to make transactions with the tokens within the platform. All you can do is to create a free community. There are only 8 of them so far; the most popular one has 434 subscribers.

  • announced that they plan to develop an Ethereum. Creators are looking for blockchain companies to unite with them and develop new projects together. There are some ideas already — a gaming platform with fast cryptocurrency exchange into an internal currency of the game. There are no partners yet.

  • incorporated with another ICO-project called BitJob — a service for searching for a part-time job for students. BitJob will create an official group on Matchpool where the users can chat. It will help Matchpool quickly increase their audience.
  • opened an office, currently working on the beta-version and making vlogs.
Communication: twitter, facebook, medium, telegram

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