Bullshit detector: what's happening with Gnosis after ICO?

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What is Gnosis: a platform for prediction market applications. Through paid voting and "the wisdom of the crowd", Gnosis will predict the outcome of any event: from the weather forecast to the price of the piece of art.
Website: gnosis.pm

Token trading: from March 1st, 2017.

Where to buy tokens: Poloniex, Kraken

Token price: +384,23%

How much they planned to make/made: 250 000 ETH/100% .

What their token gives you
you can exchange the token into the platform's currency — WIZ (Wisdom tokens) that essentially work as a coupon to pay fees. According to the terms and conditions set by Gnosis, tokens can't be sold for at least one month after the purchase (to avoid depreciation).
What will happen to tokens: the company has already sold 5% of all the tokens. The remaining 95% will be reserved for the development team. It's around $300 million, as Gnosis estimates. 4% of the tokens will be distributed among employees and founders within four years. 91% will be blocked for sale for at least a year. Yet, Gnosis might sell them if they will need more money for the further development.

What they promised/made by the end of the Q2:
• beta version of the Gnosis.js library — ✔️
• beta version of smart-contracts — ✔️
• beta version of the Gnosis management interface — ✔️
• alpha version of their own database — ✔️
Crew: has grown from 7 to 25 employees.

Specific results: there are no released projects on the Gnosis platform yet. On July 13th they have built their own Twitter bot, which interacts with Gnosis, giving anyone an opportunity to participate in the market via tweet and uPort.

Overview after ICO: the team has not published any press releases yet since the ICO. On July 27th they published a post saying that the work is in full swing. They also gathered together in Gibraltar for a 5-day strategic retreat to eventually meet each other and consolidate all the efforts they've done for the past few months. There are no concrete results of the project's development so far.

As the users of bitcointalk.org say, developers integrate with the tokens' holders via a private channel in Slack. To join the group, you have to purchase the Gnosis token: 0,01 GNO.

Communication: slack, facebook, twitter, reddit, medium

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