Bullshit detector: what's happening with Edgeless after ICO?

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What is Edgeless: a blockchain-based transparent online casino where every player can check the fairness of the game. Available games: BlackJack, Dice, Poker and Sports Betting.
Website: edgeless.io

Token trading: March 30th, 2017

Where to buy tokens: Bittrex, Liqui

Token price: +1000%

How much they planned to make/made: 440 000 ETH/14%. Total — 61 563 ETH ($2,7 million during an ICO).

Token rights and roles: an internal currency to play casino.

What will happen to tokens: because Edgeless sold fewer tokens than they planned, a smart contract automatically decreased the maximum amount of tokens to 132 046 997 EDG. 50 000 000 EDG belong to the team, but they got blocked for 12 months after the ICO (there are eight months left). Edgeless plans to use them for the further development.
What they promised/made by the end of the 2nd quarter:
  • launch of the full version of Black Jack — ✖️
  • launch of the monthly lottery Edgeless Lounge — ✖️
  • 100% of bounty rewards —✔️

Specific results:
a beta version of BlackJack is already online.
Review after ICO: Edgeless promised to launch in June/July, but they postponed until the end of Q3.

During this time, the team survived the hacker attack: over 26 793 ETH were stolen ($5,6 million). As the developers explained, they ensured themselves after the ICO and put the money on different wallets so they didn't lose everything. Moreover, the price for ETH has grown dramatically, and this has covered the losses.

The team assures that everything is ready, including the smart-contracts for BlackJack and Dice. For launching, there are only the casino license and RNG certification missing. Edgeless is working on this, but still, there is no exact date for the start.
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