Bullshit detector: what's happening with CoinDash after ICO?

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What is Taas:
a platform for managing digital assets.

The goal of the project is to simplify the creation and service of a crypto portfolio. The platform allows beginners to understand the cryptocurrency market better and make right decisions based on the actions of more experienced traders in real time, and also to copy the actions of leading traders automatically. For experienced traders, there is a possibility for earning on the platform — the more users will copy the trader's investment strategy, the more will be the amount of reward in tokens.
Website: coindash.io

Token trading: August 7, 2017.

Where to buy tokens: Binance, EtherDelta, Gate.io, Gatecoin, HitBTC, Mercatox.

Token price: +100%.

How much they planned to make: hard cap — $12 million / 43438 ETH (about $7,4 million) were stolen as a result of a hacker attack. They managed to save 49,000 ETH (about $8,3 million at the rate as of July 17, 2017) from early investors.

What their token gives you: an internal currency.
What will happened to tokens: the total issue is limited to 1 billion tokens. There are 560,6 million in the turnover, the remaining tokens will go to the future development of the project, users' attraction, marketing, payments to the team and advisors.

What they promised/made:
Q3-Q4 2017 — management of the ICO portfolio (portfolio history, real-time discovery, risk measurement, benchmarking) — ✔ (beta version)
Q3-Q4 2017 — a function of investors' comparison, assessment of the effectiveness of their activities — ✖
Q3-Q4 2017 — a possibility of an automatic copying of investments of the largest investors in ICO on the basis of smart contracts — ✖

Crew: 8 people. The project's CEO, Alon Muroch, has four years of experience working with a blockchain and crypto projects. The co-founder of the project, Adam Efrima, has been working in the financial and Fintech fields for more than eight years in China. The past two years, he was in charge of leading eToro operation in Shanghai.

Review after ICO:
today, the beta version of the 0.5.4 platform is running with the latest updates from October 4. This version includes integration with large crypto exchanges Poloniex and HitBTC;

on November 16 they published a new version of the road map for Q1-Q2 2018 saying that the launch of the working version of the platform is scheduled for mid-February 2018, CDT tokens will be integrated in the platform in the Q2.

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