Bullshit detector: what's happening with Bancor after ICO?


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What is Bancor: a decentralized liquidity network and protocol.

Bancor protocol is a new standard for cryptocurrencies that allows to create completely liquid "smart tokens." These tokens can be easily converted to other ERC20 tokens at an automatically calculated transparent price. Bancor introduces a straightforward way to issue, hold, and convert any Ethereum ERC20 tokens within the network with no counterparts. BNT tokens form the monetary structure where demand for "smart tokens" drives up the value of BNT, benefiting all other smart tokens in reserve.
Website: bancor.network

Token trading: June 22, 2017.

Where to buy tokens: AEX, Bancor Network, Binance, Bittrex, Coss, EtherDelta, HitBTC, Liqui, Tidex.

Token price: +113%.

How much they planned to make: they had neither soft cap nor hard cap, though they had a hidden cap / they raised $153 million in three hours.

What their token gives you: an internal currency.
What will happened to tokens: they issued 79,3 million tokens in total; 39,6 million were sold during the ICO. The token issue is not limited by the contract.

What they promised/made:
The first roadmap version is now removed from the site, and there is no the new version. There were no dates in their first roadmap, though first main milestones have already been accomplished:
Web application — ✔
Multi-token wallet — ✔
Support Ether in wallet — ✔
Support different ERC20 tokens — 21 different tokens are supported ✔
Telegram Chatbot — (@bancor_bot) ✔

Crew: 12 people. Bernard Lietaer — Chief Monetary Architect, Guido Schmitz-Krummacher — Foundation Council, Eyal Hertzog — Product Architect, Guy Benartzi — Co-Founder.

Review after ICO:
at the moment, Bancor platform is alive and regularly expanding, having added new tokens available for conversion. The latest added tokens: Binance (BNB) and WeTrust (TRST).

Bancor conversion widget is available for integration. MyWish has already integrated the widget in December.

The latest product updates from December: added support for the Mist browser and wallet; token relays in search and drop down menus; widget and relay alerts; a rotating banner on discover page to share relevant information.

Communication: facebook, twitter, telegram.
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