Every month the Kript team chooses the five most interesting ICO projects that you should take notice of. What's coming in November — a reward service for found bugs, a blockchain analog of iTunes, and a social network for cyber sportsmen.
Project: a social network for cyber sportsmen. The service allows you to find players, teams, coaches, managers, and analysts. Each user will have his or her rating based on smart contracts. For example, the better the player's statistic in the game, the higher their rating in DreamTeam. In future developers plan to add financial operations to the service: selling rights for broadcasting, bonuses, salaries, and compensation for players' transfers.

Pros: a strong team with 15 years of experience in cybersport and more than 15 million sold games. Their CEO is a founder of a multi-gaming team Natus Vincere. A beta verision is already released.

Cons: developers didn't explain why there are two stages: a pre-sale and an ICO.

Website: token.dreamteam.gg

End of ICO: first stage — November 24, 2017, second stage — January 2018.
Project: a rewarding platform for developers. How it works: if you want to fix an error in the code or add a feature to software, you make a request to FundRequest. The developer who proposes the best solution for your problem gets rewarded. To avoid any fraud, all the issues operate on smart contracts.

Pros: a new idea that really needs a blockchain.

Cons: an alpha-version is already released. We spent a few hours trying to log in, but we had an error popping up all the time saying that the page is not available.

Website: fundrequest.io

End of ICO: December 1, 2017.
Project: a platform for uploading, storing, and selling music. Musicians can upload their songs and sell their rights for tokens. Users can buy for tokens the rights to listen to the music or have limited access to it.

Pros: a venture fund Binary Capital has already invested $250 thousand in the project. They launch an ICO to attract as many listeners and musicians as possible to their platform.

Cons: the project reminds of iTunes, but it's somewhat challenging to compete with such giants. The developers say that they've almost agreed on cooperation with musicians of category A, but they don't disclose with whom exactly. They point out though that their main difference is the strong legal support of musicians. But wait, does not iTunes have it?

Website: vezt.co

End of ICO: December 1, 2017.
Project: a service created for small businesses for sending SMS. How it works: users can use the Birdchain application as a regular messenger and sell on the platform the unused SMS from their operator. Birdchain will make it this way after — small businesses can use these SMS to communicate with customers. It's much cheaper than buying such services from ordinary SMS-messaging operators.

Pros: developers promise that the price for their service will be 80% lower compared to competitors.

Cons: messengers already «killed» traditional SMS. And the blockchain is one of those technologies that can completely wipe out this conventional way of communication.

Website: birdchain.io

End of ICO: December 31, 2017.
Project: a service for buying for tokens a stake in real estate. Realisto offers you the following: people buy their tokens at the ICO; using the raised money developers purchase real estate in Germany and start renting it out and share the profits with investors. Your property rights are protected by smart contracts. However, the Realisto developers don't explain how legal it is.

Pros: founders assure that they are creating a blockchain project based on the existing since 2011 real estate agency. Looking at the agency's website' — it seems real.

Cons: founders say that property rights are protected by German law. But instead of explaining in details how the service will work from the legal side, they shoot short comic sketches for youtube.

Website: realisto.io

End of ICO: December 15, 2017.

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